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Please find below our latest update on COVID-19, which today reportedly affects 210 countries and territories; the current status of operations in the USA, Asia and Europe as well as the UK, and measures taken across all Woodland Group offices.

As COVID-19 cases increase across Europe, USA and the UK, we continuously review our global operations to protect the health and safety of you, our staff and communities and thank you for your trust and support in managing these unprecedented times together.

All Woodland Group offices and warehouses worldwide are open and will continue to follow respective local government, state or federal regulations. The transport industry is key in supporting our communities and social and economic infrastructures through this pandemic, and as such, our staff are considered 'key' or 'essential workers' and will continue to work to keep your supply chains going.

  • All but our 'key workers' are working remotely and still available via their usual contact details with all phones, emails and internal software fully operational.
  • Our teams across the globe can provide agile transport and fulfilment solutions to support you through these unprecedented times.
  • We have introduced additional strict site protocol and have put measures in place to avoid external and internal third-party contact for our drivers and warehouse staff who continue to move product and meet public demand.
  • Please find below a global overview - please don't hesitate to contact your local Woodland representative should you have any questions.


  • Airlines are starting to slowly increase service routes again and will continue to re-open routes over the coming weeks
  • Airfreight rates are plateauing and even softening
  • The US is implementing the government's plans as to the re-opening of US businesses across all states. This initial guidance outlines a multi-phased approach which will differ state by state and will require a significant number of safety policies and employee health screenings to be implemented. Restaurants and pubs as well as other nonessential businesses are reopening with all 50 states having now at least partially reopened.

Find our latest transatlantic sailing schedule eastbound here and westbound here. 

Los Angeles

  • Ocean Freight – LA/LGB ports remain open and operational. The Container Freight Stations have warehouse operations open, office hours are back to normal, but office staff is still mainly working remotely. Release of import cargo is taking a bit longer than normal due to office staff capabilities being reduced. Terminal closures are being rotated, so they can be cleaned and sanitised.
  • Air Freight – capacity from LAX continues to be reduced. Passenger airlines are flying cargo only charter flights and small numbers of passenger seated flights from LAX & SFO to certain destinations. 
  • As per state regulations, all our staff are working remotely until the work from home mandate is lifted. All staff can be contacted via their usual contact details and the office phone line is open as normal.
  • Our LA warehouse is operational as normal, receiving goods between 8am to 5pm.


  • Ocean Freight – The Chicagoland Rail Ramps/CY’s remain open and operational. The Container Freight Stations have warehouse operations open with some office staff working remotely. Release of import cargo is taking a bit longer than normal due to office staff capabilities being reduced.
  • Air Freight – capacity from Chicago continues to be reduced but flights are slowly being brought back.
  • Our warehouse is fully operational and office staff are working partially remotely.
  • All our staff can be reached via their usual contact details and the office phone line is open as normal.

New Jersey Office/Warehouse

  • Warehouse – we are operating as usual, receiving hours 7:30AM – 4PM.  We are fully staffed and will continue to move airfreight / ocean consols as usual, taking space / booking limitations into consideration.
  • Office – while partial staff are working from home, we will remain fully operational with staff in the office to cover phones.
  • Ocean Freight- NJNY Ports remain open as will local Container Freight Stations. Import releases may be delayed.

Woodland NYC

  • Our office staff have been working remotely since WED 3/18 and will continue to. All phones are diverted and will be covered remotely by staff. 

Woodland Atlanta

  • Our office remains open, with partial staff in the office and partial working remotely.

Woodland Boston

  • Our office remains open and is fully staffed.

USA Trucking:

Truckers across the US remain operational. 

The UK government released its 50-page roadmap to easing restrictions announcing that those who cannot work remotely (such as construction and manufacturing) are to return to work but under strict social distancing rules, with employers being given COVID-19 guidance to facilitate the ongoing safety of their employees. Those who are able to work remotely should continue to do so. Sectors of the economy that are allowed to be open should be open - this includes food production, construction, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and scientific research in laboratories. 
Woodland Group UK:
  • All staff not required in the warehouse as 'essential workers' are working from home 
  • Staff working remotely are still available via their usual contact details with all phones, emails and internal software fully operational.
  • All UK warehouses are fully operational.

Woodland Logistics / UK trucking

  • Our office-based staff are working remotely and available via their normal contact details with operational fleet planning and management going ahead as usual
  • All of our drivers have been working tirelessly alongside our warehouse staff and global teams to supply the public and public services with much-needed goods safely and timely.


Although some carriers are starting to increase services to/from the UK, capacity is still restricted and pricing still done on an ad-hoc basis. There have been some repatriation flights which have taken cargo, and some carriers running cargo-only services on passenger aircrafts. Handling agents at the airport have introduced surcharges to cover the running of their facilities with lower volumes.



  • Ports and airports remain operational and the Department of Transport has now confirmed that deliveries to non-essential business can be made throughout Ireland also.
  • The Department of Transport has also ruled that free time for containers at Dublin port will be reduced to a maximum of 7 days from the vessel’s arrival date.
  • Our Woodland Ireland team are continuing to provide supply chain solutions nationally and internationally while working remotely and can be contacted via their normal email and phone numbers, with office numbers being redirected.
  • Across Europe, lockdown measures are being lifted cautiously with businesses reopening and children across several countries such as Portugal, Greece, Austria, Germany, Denmark and France at least partially (by age group) back in school. 
  • The three Baltic states - Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - have become the first countries in Europe to allow free movement again, but only with each other.
  • Transport across Europe currently remains operational with Woodland's European team processing enquiries as normal, and our our warehouses and transport fleet fully operational
  • Most European countries have an un restricted movement of vehicles however border checks are creating extra waiting times and adding to transit times door-door. Increasing border restrictions are leading to potential cargo blockage on the following borders: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Turkey
  • While transport and supply chain companies remain operational across Europe, there are country specific restrictions being enforced/introduced including rules around vehicles transiting and/or maximum operating times of international drivers from certain countries before having to exit. 
  • Couriers across Europe are experiencing delivery delays (between 2-4 days) due to reduced staffing levels and some postcodes in France and Italy are not receiving home deliveries due to lockdown measures taken locally.
  • The sectors most impacted by the decrease in export are retail, garment, furniture, decoration and automotive while electronics, pharmaceuticals, paper, chemicals and foodstuffs remain stable and the export of PPE has increased. An increasing demand in other APAC regions that produce Covid-19 test kits (e.g. Korea, Singapore) has also been noted.
  • All carriers operating routes from Asia to Europe are operating normally but capacity on the Asia-Europe trade route is down.
  • Airfreight rate increases between Asia Pacific and Europe showed signs of slowing down last week as coronavirus lockdown measures began to be eased. This is the first decline on the trade since February 24, but prices are still far above the $2.47 per kg achieved for the week last year.
  • Close to 450 blank sailings have been confirmed up until now, resulting in a decline of 7 million TEU in 2020. The impact on port terminals due to congestion can result in potentially longer transit times (due to slow steaming, port omissions or additional port inclusions as a result of service mergers, sudden/unexpected delays in uplift, less frequent departures and higher rates. Please contact your local Woodland representative to discuss options and alternatives. 
  • Space Protection: we can guarantee space protection for priority products over any other product currently moving – ideal for shipping PPE

Ocean freight update

Please find the latest update on blank sailings here:

Who Where When What
THE Alliance Asia and North Europe Week 19 - 26 FE2 and FE4 loops will be merged
Asia and the Mediterranean Week 19 MD1 and MD3 void
Week 20  MD2 void
Week 21  MD1 void
Week 22 MD2 and MD3 void
Week 23 MD1 void
Week 24  MD2 and MD3 void
Week 25  MD1 void
Week 26 MD2 void
Transpacific - West Coast Week 19  PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
Week 20  PS4 void
Week 21  PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
Week 22  PS4 void
Week 23 PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
Week 24 PS4 void
Week 25  PS3, PN3 and PN4 void
Week 26 PS4 void
Week 19 - 26 PS5 will be suspended
Transpacific - East Coast (via Panama and Suez Canals) week 19 - 26 EC3 remains merged with EC1
Asia and the Middle East week 19 - 26 AG1 and AG3 loops will be merged
week 19 - 26 AG2: a westbound direct call to Xiamen port will be added
ONE Asia – North Europe Services
14th May & 28th May from Southampton
FE2 Cancelled (both westbound: Pusan and Eastbound: Southampton)
3rd June (Rotterdam) FE3 Cancelled (Eastbound: Rotterdam)
27th May & 10th June (Rotterdam) FE4 Cancelled ( Eastbound: Rotterdam) 
17th & 24th May: Rotterdam FP2 Cancelled (Eastbound: Rotterdam)
Asia – Mediterranean Services
13th & 27th May & 10th June: Barcelona
MD1 cancelled (Easbound: Barcelona)

 28th May, 4th June: Piraeus
MD2 cancelled (Eastbound: Piraeus)
16th May & 6th June: Ashdod MD3 cancelled (Eastbound: Pashdod)
  CMA CGM 17th May FAL8 from Ningbo cancelled
27th May FAL7 from Xiamen cancelled
03rd June FAL7 from Xiamen cancelled
20th June FAL3 from Qingdao cancelled
Maersk Asia North Europe Week 20 AE7 from Ningbo cancelled
Week 21 AE7 from Hamburg cancelled
Week 22 AE6 from Antwerp cancelled
Week 23 AE7 from Hamburg cancelled
Week 24 AE6 from Antwerp cancelled
Week 25 AE7 from Hamburg cancelled
Cosco (Ocean Alliance)   Week 20 AEU1 - CSCL ARCTIC OCEAN 034W - available
  AEU5 - cancelled
  AEU6 - cancelled
  AEU7 - cancelled
  AEU9 - cancelled
  AEM1 - cancelled
  AEM2 - cancelled
  AEM3 - cancelled
  AEM3 - MAIRA XL 025W - available
  AEM6 - cancelled
  Week 21 AEU9 - cancelled
  AEM6 - cancelled
  Week 22 AEU7 - cancelled
  AEM6 - cancelled
  Week 24 AEM6 - cancelled

Cargo capacity from China & Hong Kong is now almost back to 2019 levels; the strong recovery over the last weeks is in part due to the urgent and increasing number of exports of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is currently causing delays at origin due to congestions at the airport warehouse terminals. Passenger cargo flights are used to support the additional demand, offering a fast solution to deliver urgently required goods across the globe. 

Hong Kong

  • A promising improvement on the Hong Kong to Europe market is continuing, with reported volumes increasing week on week.
  • Our Hong Kong office is fully operational.
  • Hong Kong is experiencing severe capacity shortage due to cancelled passenger flights.
  • Airfreight rate increases have shown signs of slowing down with a 3% week-on-week decline for rates from Hong Kong to Europe, the first time prices on this trade declined since April 13. Meanwhile, prices continued to rise on services to North America. From Hong Kong there was a week-on-week increase of 3.5% and from Shanghai to North America an 11% jump.


  • The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has issued an urgent announcement to airlines to apply for advance flight plans for international flights one or two months in advance. It also said the "five one" policy will remain in place until at least October. "Five one" refers to the regulations on one airline, one country, one route, one week and one flight, which came into effect on March 29.
  • The severe backlog of cargo at the Shanghai airport continues to ease, the market is softening as surges to capacity over the past 2 weeks have met export demand.
  • Rates are no longer climbing and dropped around 10-20% this week.
  • China Customs officially released the "Notice of the General Administration of Customs No. 53 in 2020" in relation to export commodity inspections of PPE and medical equipment. 
    • Together with our partners and local suppliers, we guide you through this - please contact us here and find answers to your Top 5 questions on how to import PPE here.
  • Demand continues to surge ex-China & HKG, particularly for PPE & medical equipment.
    • China’s main airports are full and capacity is very tight.
    • Backlogs at all China airports mean that at least 48 hours advance notice for tendering in of cargo is required
    • The transpacific trade from China is currently the most constrained trade lane as a result of the high PPE demand from China to US.
    • Tight market conditions are exacerbated by new regulations from the China Civil Aviation Administration for passenger flights in and out of the country and by new stricter regulations on the export of PPE & medical equipment.
  • All ports are open and are operating normally.
  • A number of international airlines have announced their intentions to partially resume their passenger routes to China in June, amongst them: United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Qatar Airways, Korean Airlines and Air Canada
  • Find the latest government guidelines regarding the phased re-opening here and a full freight update here
  • Air / Sea capacity remains at a premium and the air freight rate is high due to limited international flight operations.
  • Cargo freighters or passenger planes with only cargo are being allowed and no international passenger flight is expected to resume until midnight of 30th June at least.
  • There is severe shortage of inventory with carriers.
  • Individual states will have different lockdown regulations depending on the number of COVID-19 cases locally. Zones / states have been categorised as RED / ORANGE / GREEN depending on the number of cases and ease of restrictions implemented accordingly.
  • The Home Ministry instructed all state government authorities to allow free movement of all essential goods to/from ports and intra & inter-state movement of trucks etc. 
  • Despite the Indian ports facing no lockdown restrictions, a severe shortage of workers and the closure of warehouses has resulted in cargo not being cleared leading to backlog and slowing down operations at ports and terminals considerably.
  • Our team in India remains operational, with all staff working from home. If you have essential goods that need delivering or need support with documentation or other supply chain services, please contact us here. 


We operate an express rail solution from various origins in China to the UK: 
  • Both LCL and FCL 
  • 13-15 day transit window
  • 17-19 day door to door service 
  • Pricing levels are at approximately 10% of the cost of current market airfreight levels 

Contact us here for more information.


If you are affected by businesses closures due to COVID 19 Government Guidelines, we can support with the following through our owned offices and local expertise across the UK, USA and Asia:

  • Warehousing at origin using our Delayed in Transit ( DIT) Facilities in China and USA
  • Warehousing across the UK / Ireland offering both short and long term storage
  • Bonded Storage Facilities in UK & Ireland
  • Off Quay Container Storage in the UK and Ireland

Contact us here for more information.


While ports across the globe remain operational, the impact on global industries, changing demands and current financial climate has resulted in a need for more flexible solutions to full container (FCL) shipping.

Did you know you can switch to smaller but more frequent ordering of goods to service reduced demand and keep cost down?

We keep you moving.

Our less than container load shipping (LCL) solution delivers:

  • 17/18x weekly groupage boxes into Felixstowe from all key ports in China
  • 40/50 TEU consolidations per week from all major gateway ports in Hong Kong & China
  • Express and Standard, twice weekly LCL sailings between US and UK
  • Instant online pricing & booking via the Woodland web platform
  • Zero COVID-19 surcharges on LCL services
  • Own consolidation and deconsolidation operations in the USA, U.K., Ireland and China

Contact us here for more information.


We will continue to update you on any changes to our global offices and/or effects on supply chain solutions.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your local Woodland representative should you have any questions - thank you for your continued trust and support.

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