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China Shipping Update - Ningbo Port

China COVID surge leads to major disruption at Ningbo trucking terminals 

With China continuing its COVID-zero policy, a Coronavirus outbreak in the Zhejiang province has pushed increased protocols onto Ningbo, the world's largest port, disrupting trucking operations across its terminals in addition to causing congestion across nearby feeder ports.

Trucking Operations

  • Trucks cannot move from Ningbo to most nearby cities
  • Trucks can move from neighbouring cities into Ningbo, however drivers will face a 14 day quarantine period ahead of being able to return to the origin city
  • Various cities will allow trucks from Ningbo under the condition that drivers can provide a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours, although many drivers fear they will be put into a 14 day quarantine and therefore have added hefty surcharges to these jobs. 

Ocean Freight Operations

With limited traffic moving through Ningbo's terminals, many shippers are seeking alternatives at smaller ports, such as Zhapu, that are not held under the same restrictions. However, many feeder services are suspended and therefore feeder capacity is severely limited.

Other alternative routes include the port of Shanghai, where congestion is only being exacerbated by the increased cargo volumes.

We will continue to keep you updated. 

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