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China Port Updates - COVID

China's COVID-zero policy continues to disrupt the global supply chain as low capacity and congestion challenges persist

Update 4th May, 2022


One-way traffic management is being applied to all vessels berthing/unberthing via the Ma Wan Channel until mid-May. The works, related to the subsea pipeline construction at Urmston Road Fairway, have led to 1.5-2 day delays in berthing - coupled with the pre-labor holiday cargo rush, yard utilisation remains high at between 90 - 95%.


Heavy congestion exacerbated by port closures over the past week sees delays at 2.5-3 days.
Trucking is very difficult with drivers aiming to avoid the 14 day quarantine.


Lockdown announced for at least the next 7 days following cases being identified at Zhengzhou railway station.


Port closures in the past week have seen a moderate level of congestion build, with delays at 1-1.5days.


Congestion beginning to stabilise with only minor delays in berthing of up to 1 day.


Some cases of COVID-19 found at Guangzhou airport over the past 2 days - operations working as normal but with staff shortages leading to delays.


Heavy berth congestion across all terminals, with vessels being pushed to Yangshan from Waigaoqiao to alleviate delays.
Current delays of 3-5 days at Waigaoqiao terminals and up to 2 days for Yangshan terminals.
Around 5,000 daily COVID-19 cases with trucking still very limited.
Some factories are slowly resuming work.


Operations returning to normal following 2-3 weeks lockdown, although road freight remains difficult from outside areas such as Beijing.


Original update - 27th April, 2022

Much of China is beginning to emerge from tight COVID-zero restrictions however, Shanghai continues to face the strictest measures with a 3-tier risk level set to be introduced.

Shenzhen's terminals are seeing a recovery from lockdown limitations, although they are still facing trucking delays, whilst Qingdao avoids any further restrictions as it attempts to reduce long processing and ground handling times for air cargo.

Whilst the situation in Tianjin has generally improved, due to increasing pressures in Beijing the movement of inland cargo from Beijing to Tianjin can take up to 5 days.


See the full port update below:

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All other cities remain in a state of alert but are not under severe risk of disruption.

This is a quickly developing situation. We will continue to keep you updated.

If you have any questions about your Asia shipments or would like to discuss alternative supply chain planning, please contact our dedicated team here.

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