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China COVID-19 Update 8th July 2022

Following our last China supply chain update in June, please see below the latest COVID-19 update from the region

The COVID-19 situation across China has mostly stabilised in recent weeks, however, some regions remain under COVID restrictions with testing still mandatory and some trucking services still unavailable.

See below for a city by city China COVID-19 update:


  • Ocean and air operations are back to normal levels, however weekly COVID testing is still required for all citizens and workers.
  • COVID situation is now stable with operations back to normal.
  • Some testing is still required on a case by case basis.
  • Slight delays on both air and ocean freight
  • COVID-19 numbers in the region have seen a slight rise, with citizens needing to to provide negative test results in order to use public transport or enter public places.
  • Ocean and air terminals are operating as normal, as are warehouses which are not impacted at this time.
  • Airports still running as closed-loop operations with shifts being split into A and B groups - workforce shortages causing low efficiency and slow clearance.
  • Truckers still cautious about entering Shanghai causing limited service.
  • Ocean terminal capacity remains lower than normal.
  • Weekly COVID-19 testing is mandatory for all citizens and workers to ensure that the situation remains stable.
  • 5-10 day delays on ocean shipments.
  • Ningbo is still receiving Shanghai relief cargo causing decreased capacity at Ningbo in addition to equipment shortages.
  • Low efficiency due to workforce shortages.
  • All operations are running as normal with no major impact.


  • Air and ground operations are working as normal, however all airport warehousing and some factories require workers to provide both a Green Health Code and a 24 hour Nucleic Acid Report, which also applies to truck drivers. This is leading to some delays with a shortage of driver availability.
  • General warehousing operating at normal levels.
  • Inland trucking levels are returning to normal, however drivers must produce a negative COVID test within 24 hours.
  • Dongguan Terminals
    • Limited operations with areas still under lockdown
    • Many factories are prohibiting truck drivers from entering or exiting which is having a knock-on effect on operations
  • Nansha Terminal
    • Operating as normal
    • Truckers must produce a negative COVID test within 48 hours
  • All operations have returned to normal levels.
  • Cross-border groupage transportation still limited due to quotas.
  • Express cross-border trucking is still suspended.
  • 0-1 day delays on ocean shipments due to port congestion.
  • Air and ground operations back to normal levels, although airport warehousing and factories require a negative COVID test within 24 hours and a Green Health Code.
  • Many areas of Shenzhen are under restrictions which is causing a delay in manufacturing and supply, further delaying the shipment of goods.
  • Warehousing back to normal operating levels.
  • Inland truck drivers must provide a negative COVID test within 24 hours, however, trucks from Shenzhen are under tight restrictions and may be prohibited from entering factories in medium to high risk areas.
  • Yantian and Shekou terminals require truckers to produce a negative COVID test within 24 hours
  • Pearl River Delta operating as normal
  • Cross-border trucking to Hong Kong is limited

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