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Are you paying duty twice?

Did you know?

If you export goods, you may be able to recover 99% of all customs duties paid on any related imported materials.

You can even apply for a refund of any import duties paid going back three years from date of export!

With help of the right processes and documentations, you could save thousands in duty drawback refunds. 

Due to the most recent regulatory changes, we’ve seen a significant amount of our UK clients affected in particular.

Do you have
  • Imported goods to the UK, paid duty on them, and are now selling outside of the UK?
  • Decided to switch to EU DDP to make the importing easier for your EU clients?
  • Decided to sell through an EU Amazon depot and have thus become the importer as well as the exporter?

You could be entitled to a duty reclaim from HMRC. For more information and a free consultation on how to decrease cost in admin, duty and tax, contact our dedicated customs team here.

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