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Advisory - US Import Tariffs

Please be advised that the EU has chosen to exercise its right to implement additional retaliatory import tariffs on a number of imported products of US Origin.

The retaliatory action originally dates back to 2004, when the U.S. filed a case with the WTO, alleging that Airbus — an aerospace corporation jointly owned by France, Germany, Spain and Britain — had received $22 billion in government subsidies. A year later, the EU initiated a counter case, wherein it alleged that Boeing, a direct competitor of Airbus, had received $23 billion in subsidies from the U.S.A.

This round of tariffs will apply to any goods destined for the EU that left the US after 10th November 2020. They apply to a number of goods including:

  • Food items (including fresh and frozen fish, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, cocoa powder and chocolate, nuts and seeds)
  • Beverages (including orange juice and grapefruit juice, spirits and alcohol)
  • Polymers
  • Suitcases and handbags
  • Shovel loaders and tractors
  • Exercise equipment 

Full details can be found HERE.

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