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ADVISORY: Italian Green Pass Exemption Update

While local workers require valid "Green Pass" as part of new mandatory COVID-19 rules, foreign drivers will not need the pass to enter Italy

Since coming into effect on 15/10/21, residents of Italy are now only able to carry out work in the country when in possession of a valid Green Pass.

The now-mandatory Green Pass can be provided both in paper form and digitally and will show proof of either double vaccination, a negative COVID-19 test or recovery from the virus.

However, foreign HGV drivers are exempt from the Green Pass rules provided that they do not leave their cab and do not carry out any loading or unloading tasks.

Although good news for HGV drivers from outside of Italy, there is disruption to the supply chain infrastructure within the country due to local worker not having applied for or received a Green Pass, sparking protests in areas such as Trieste (18/10/21) where port workers are unable to work, with around 40% of the port's workforce still unvaccinated.

At Woodland, we have made contact with all our carriers to ensure that drivers being used on Woodland business have the necessary permissions to carry out the work required.

Our partners have found designated locations near our sites for drivers to be tested should they not have the required vaccines, in addition to having controls on site for arranging vehicles and dealing with drivers to avoid unnecessary delays.

For more information or to contact our expert teams to discuss how to minimise the impact on you and your clients, please reach out to us here.

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