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Gymkhana Grid, the film - starring Woodland Group

Last year Woodland Group were appointed to arrange the movement of Ken Block's brainchild Gymkhana Grid to and from South Africa.

Loading took place in Rotterdam and Woodland's HQ in Chelmsford, where Woodlanders were treated to some live drift action.


Throughout the year, a TV crew had been following the Gymkhana drivers' journey from qualifying rounds through to the finals in South Africa. 

The documentary gives you an insight into how these drivers became involved in Gymkhana and the obstacles they have had to face over the years.

It will be aired for the first time today, Saturday 14th April 2018 on Sky TV channel 564 Insight TV, 11am and 7pm.

Some of the footage used was from the loading day at Chelmsford, so keep your eyes peeled for the Woodland crew. 

If you'd like to see a preview interview on Sky with drivers Luke Woodham and Nikolett Szanto, please head here.


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