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BREXIT continues: Changes ahead in 2022

Beginning January 1st 2022, the UK will introduce new import rules and border controls which will be phased in throughout 2022. These apply to all imports from the EU to GB.

Changes for January 1st 2022 are:


The easement of using CFSP EIDR (deferred declarations) in its current form ends at the end of the year. Can no longer be deferred as was the case in 2021. Supplementary declarations are only permitted if you are authorised by HMRC.

This involves full customs border controls on any products selected for a documentary or physical examination. Data quality on commodity codes, product origin (especially if claiming preferential origin as part of the EU-UK TCA) and product valuation are key areas of customs focus – if you would like to enquire about a customs health checks of codes and documentation used by you, please contact us here.

This UK government IT platform will require the transport provider to be registered and input customs entry numbers before goods will be allowed to leave the EU at non-inventory linked locations such as Dover / Eurotunnel.

This will require the GB importer, or person responsible for the import, to be registered in IPAFF’s. This system is used for notifying UK authorities of movements of live animals, animal products, and high-risk food and feed not of animal origin, into GB from the EU.

Please remember, customs compliance obligations live long after your goods have been customs cleared. Contact our dedicated customs brokerage team here

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