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Transport Supervisor (Remote Site)

Main working relationships

Reporting to the Transport Manager and working closely with the Transport Team.


General purpose of the position

Under the guidance and direction of the Contract Manager and whilst based at a remote customer site, the Transport Supervisor will work successfully as part of the transport team, actively involved in the day-today operation to ensure an effective and efficient transport function which fulfils the requirements of the customer.


Essential duties and responsibilities
  • Understand and fully utilise Woodland Logistics operating systems to the benefit of the operation;
  • Ensure the successful management and communication of work allocation at the remote site;
  • Assist the central transport team with contract-wide operational matters as requirement by management and deal appropriately with ad-hoc transport requests or issues received;
  • Work with management and the transport team to ensure that any service delivery concerns or failures are identified and addressed as most appropriate;
  • Understand customer operational requirements and ensure that the correct procedures are in place at the remote site in order to meet these, exceeding expectations wherever possible.
  • Work with management to ensure the remote site needs are consistently met by the central transport management team;
  • Engage with the customers as appropriate and as required by management to ensure maximum operational satisfaction and performance;
  • Ensure consistently effective communication with management and the transport team in all matters, in order to promote a successful operation;
  • Ensure correct XDA use by reporting drivers, including status reporting and signature capture reporting;
  • Ensure the successful management of driver daily work flow and the daily driver debrief process;
  • Ensure correct maintenance of operational reports as required by management;
  • Ensure that all transport documentation is managed and stored in an accurate, orderly and legally compliant manner;
  • Assist in the successful control of vehicle maintenance and service requirements, ensuring a consistently road-worthy fleet;
  • Investigate employee conduct and performance issues as required by management;
  • Maintain good relationships with suppliers and work to ensure continued cost effectiveness, the control of expenditure and excellent supplier service so far as applicable within your remit of responsibility;
  • Promote an open-door policy. Seek to understand and address day-to-day operational concerns within the driver fleet and transport team wherever possible in order to encourage a satisfied and operationally-sound workforce;
  • Ensure that driver and transport team training records are accurately maintained and that all compulsory training is highlighted to management for review and action as required;
  • Maintain an excellent working knowledge of all legislation that is relevant to the transport industry and work in accordance with this;
  • Understand the Operating License obligations and work with management to ensure that these are met;
  • Highlight any concerns in this regard to management without delay;
  • Understand and consistently promote Company policy and procedure including that relating to health and safety; and
  • Work on ad-hoc and contract specific projects as required by management.
  • Any other duties as required by management for the smooth and efficient operation of the department.
Continuous improvement
  • Work with the operations team to continually improve processes and business performance
  • Support changes in the role necessary to take the department and business forward; and
  • Work to achieve personal objectives set at appraisal and/or those set monthly or quarterly.
Key performance indicators
  • Achieving agreed individual objectives; and
  • Understanding and adhering to all Woodland policies and procedures relevant to the role.

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