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We strive to do the right thing for our clients, our people, our communities and the wider world. At Woodland, we are committed to adopting a responsible approach to our own, our stakeholders’ and our industry’s impact on the environment.

From our internal work around encouraging the reduction of single-use plastic by producing reusable water bottles and coffee cups made out of recycled materials for our teams and drivers, to electric car charging facilities, paperless offices and management systems, and our sustainable reporting and carbon footprint reduction, we aim to hold ourselves accountable and to deliver a conscious and transparent approach to continuously improving our carbon monitoring and to decreasing our carbon footprint. 

Our suite of solutions includes consultancy from our in-house team of sustainability specialists to help you keep track of your sustainability goals and achieve carbon reductions, with the option to also neutralise carbon emissions via trusted and transparent carbon offsetting projects. We also deliver industry insight and dedicated IT platforms to support businesses in optimising and growing their supply chains sustainably.


We produce yearly reports of recyclables and plastic waste. This has allowed us to identify key areas of plastic usage and work with our suppliers to reduce our use of plastic film by more than 40% in 2019, a reduction of over 3 tonnes of plastic.

We monitor, optimise and reduce the carbon emissions of our own fleet by decreasing fuel consumption through a variety of processes, such as predictive powertrain control.

We have a weekly performance score chart that is issued which includes the vehicles’ carbon footprint as part of an auditable measure of the fleet.

We have developed a loading algorithm to ensure maximised trailer load fill and this, alongside the introduction of 20 unique long semi-trailers to our fleet has provided an increased 15% carrying capacity per movement removing every 6th trip, and in doing so, aiding in reducing your supply chain's carbon footprint further.

We continue to invest into developing environmentally responsible design elements and efficient operating systems for our distribution centres. From energy efficient lighting, recycling programmes, converting gas and diesel material handling to electric and trialling innovative pallet wrap reduction systems, our green warehousing solutions are a key part of our sustainable supply chain consultancy.

Our Carbon Calculator delivers global transport emissions reports measuring ‘Well-to-Wheel’ multi-modal input, allowing you to identify and monitor the carbon footprint of all your global transport solutions to better understand your environmental impact.

Our yearly business impact reports monitor Woodland Group’s carbon footprint to further identify areas for reduction and neutralisation.

In support of our ongoing development of carbon-conscious initiatives, we have successfully obtained the ISO14001 certification. Read more here.

In 2023 we were awarded a Gold Medal for our sustainability achievements, ranked by global sustainability company EcoVadis amongst the top 5% of companies assessed across the globe. 

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